Thursday, 7 August 2014

Axes Femme Haul


On thursday my Axes Femme order arrived. I was able to purchase something that was on sale - because of my lovely friend Nora, who is at the moment staying in Japan. Thank you! 

One of my dream dresses from Axes Femme. I noticed it already at the time it was not on sale and I hoped it will go on sale in exactly this colour. And I had luck! Actually only this colour was available in sale, all other colours where sold out. 
The quality is just amazing. It is soft and light. And wonderful to wear! It is beige with small deers and it has a castle on it. I will try to make a better close up of the print, when I will wear it for the first time. (can't wait!)

My next dress. After I saw it online I knew immediately that I have to buy it. It has butterflies on it! everywhere! It is so beautiful and again the quality is just amazing 

Another wonderful dress. I can't describe how happy I am with my purchase. I LOVE Axes Femme and their prints and quality amaze me every time. I will have to make better picture when I wear this dress. It is too dark in my room and my phone camera is not the best 

My second skirt from Axes Femme. It is dark blue with small creme coloured and dusty pinkish stripes. You can flip it to the other side and wear it as a complete creme coloured skirt! Yay 

A creme top - which I think looks very good with the striped skirt together. I love the small cute bows. So happy~

My first brown blouse! I was looking for a cute brown blouse - like forever. Now I need to find a nice one with long sleeves. 

I adore Axes Femme. I just recently ordered - and now I could order again. They have too many pretty stuff.  I WANT IT ALL  haha

Take care~


  1. Sooo tolle Sachen *-* Das nächste Mal in Japan muss ich schauen, ob ich den Shop finde!
    Ich hab dich für den Liebster Award nominiert, näheres dazu findest du auf meinem Blog. :3

    1. Ja die haben tolle sachen ♡
      Danke dass ist sehr lieb von dir :) aber ich wurde schon drei mal nominiert und ich will es nicht nochmal ausfüllen ^^

  2. I actually never heard about that brand before but I have to say that the stuff you got is amazing <3 These are the moments when I regret that I am not much into lolita anymore T_T

    1. Axes femmes is not really a lolita brand, it is more a kawaii fashion brans in general ^^

    2. Thank you for your comment :3
      Axes femme is not a Lolita brand. They do have some nice items which you can wear with lolita like blouses or sometimes also dresses (but that is very rare) In my opinion you can wear Axes femme to different styles f.i. otome, romantic gyaru, mori, casual lolita and so on.. I love this brand! ♡ ♡ ♡

  3. Waaah the butterfly dress!! So pretty! :3 (not that the others aren't, buuuut butterflies <3 <3 <3)
    I also adore your new emoticons you use in your blogposts. So cute!

    1. thank you for your comment amy <3

      yes its sooo cute ;_; but its too cold to wear it D: