Thursday, 27 February 2014

Gothic Lolita Meet Up in Vienna

Last week a Lolita meet up took place in Vienna! Of course I went to meet up all the pretty ladies :3

We met at a trainstation near the viennese National Library and made some outfit pictures and took also a group picture.

I was really fun. I don't know most of of the Lolitas who attended the meet up, but that's great - it means that the Lolita community in Austria is growing - yay <3

This was my outfit! I think it's kinda strange - Lolita without bangs but all in all I like my outfit!

 Nataschas  (click here for visiting blog) outfit was AMAZING! I love her dress and the buttons were little spoons and forks. So cute! Her 'hair' matches even the bag - perfect. I have to say this was my most favourite outfit of the meet up.

Whee~ Natascha and me <3 

 Katrin (left) and Duplica (right). As I already said we where going to the national library, which was an inspiration for the print that Duplica is wearing. Her skirt is from Innocent World and Yumi Fujihara, the designer of IW was inspired by all the beautiful books in the vienne national library!

Katrin is also wearing a skirt with a book print. Sorry I forgot which brand it was. They fit perfectly together! So cute <3

 Pretty Emily (view her blog here) - my flatmate! I don't have a outfit picture of her yet, but she wore a beautiful IW dress. Pretty <3

And here some other pretty Lolitas of the meet up! I had just my phone with me -I am apologizing for the bad pictures ;_;

 Pretty Varis! She cann pull of every style <3

 Yay Jasmin was also here. A Lolita meet up would not be the same if she would not be there. She moved from Vienna but came to the meet up anyway. Yay! <3

 I think our outfits did match! :D

Here is a group picture made by Robert Marco Detoyato (you can find him on Facebook)
So many pretty girls <3

 On the way to the national library!

 It's so amazing and beautiful. I reminds me of Stift Melk, they have a quite astonishing library too

There was an exhibition about old photography. So many pretty pictures!

Hope you enjoyed my post!

bye bye <3


  1. Ihr schaut alle sooo hübsch aus *^* Und die Bibliothek ist ja der Hammer *hach*

    1. Danke! Du kannst gerne mal nach Österreich zu einem Treffen kommen, bisher - finde ich - waren wir immer bei schönen Locations :D

  2. Ohhh ich mochte deine Firsur total! :D Auch ohne Stirnfransen, mit der großen headbow hat das super gepasst ^__^
    Und danke für das Kompliment X3

    1. Oh vielen dank <3 Ich vermisse Stirnfranzen trotzdem immer am meisten wenn ich Lolita trage xD - vor allem eher auf Treffen! Ich glaub ich kauf mir einfach Clip-In-Bangs um mein Verlangen nach Bangs zu stillen xD

  3. Wah, du warst soooo hübsch!!! ^^
    Und danke für das liebe Komentar ^^

    1. Danke <3 ich mein das alles ernst - ich finde du siehst iiiimmmeeer so fabelhaft aus! >3

  4. First of all: OMG VIENNA I LOVE VIENNA AAAAH!!!
    Second: The Library looks a-ma-zing! *________*
    And third: You look super cute! Everyone looks so pretty! <3
    And those book bags! I am going crazyyyy! *o*

    1. Oh really? That's nice :3 I like my hometown too, but sometimes the people are really annoying here xD

      thank you so much! You are so cute x3