Sunday, 18 January 2015

Axes Femme Fukubukuro 2015


Yesterday I got my Axes Femme Lucky Pack from this year, 2015. I ordered it through Miyu's Shopping Service.
I was so happy that I got one! First I wanted to reserve one online, but unfortunately I was too late - too busy with work. I got quite upset but thankfully a friend, Masaki also has a shopping service  was so nice and went to Axes femme Shop at new years - but again unfortunately they were sold out. But he helped me to order other stuffs from Axes Femme which I will also review, after they will arrive!

So I waited for the Paris Axes Femme Shop to release a Lucky Pack - but what happened? They stopped international shipping
I was so sad! but then Miyu told me that she offers a Shopping Service! Yaaaay~ !!

So she was so nice and got me one of my desired Axes Femme Lucky Packs (´∀`)♡
This is how I received the package. Unfortunately the parcel was not very protected, so the package itself from Axes femme was a bit damaged. But luckily only the edges! 

Here is the beautiful box (/∇\*)。o○♡

First time opening the box! 

In an Axes Femme Lucky pack there are always 5 pieces! Mostly two Tops, a skirt, Dress and a Coat!

This is the first top! It is actually more light dusty pink and the bow is dark brown and not black!
I am sorry my camera is not the best (*ノ▽ノ)

The second Top! Its a cute yellow-ish top with a bow and some laces! Very comfy!

The skirt I received! It is blue with roses and blue laces! Very delicate!

This dress is so soft and comfy! The fabric itself is thicker, so for colder days!
The print is so pretty and cute

My coat~ I hoped I will receive a beige/dusty pink coat, since I ordered the "Pink" Lucky Pack.
Instead I got a light blue coat, which is also fine. I like the texture and the soft colour (*゚∀゚*)

So all in all I really recommend Miyus Shopping Service! She was very helpful and polite. She even gave me some money back, because it was cheaper than she actually calculated! So nice and honest!
I am not quite sure why the Pink Lucky Pack is more Blue - but I like it ^^~
The box was a bit damaged, but that's the fault of my postal shipping Meh. I will keep it anyway hehe <3

Thank you for reading!